Friday, April 23, 2010

Sweet spring!

Well, spring is just gorgeous! I have loved to go out and take a peak at the beautiful blossoms. The rain has really visited us, and brought much needed moisture to our dry climate. So everything is greening up nicely, and turning into a peace of heaven on earth! I am looking forward to planting my seeds , and moving around my Lavenders, and Hollyhocks, and probably sneaking and planting a couple of new rosebushes! The birds have been waking us up every day with their beautiful cheery songs , and I am still trying to zoom in with my cameras and catch a glimpse of their sweet little faces. We have wished for sunnier days..... but the skies have been beautiful as well ,with it's splendorous dark clouds. My treatments have gone remarkably well, and I am so grateful for this. I have had two Chemo treatments so far in intervals of 3 weeks . After which, each time I go in every day for 10 days for my Nupigin shots( they help build my immunities from the chemo tearing it down!) During this time I am not really supposed to go out much, Can't get sick now! I am completely bald , which is a bit uncomfortable, but I have been trying to sport my fancy wigs, and scarves! The little boys do not like the scarves very well.... and the wigs are a little tight , and itchy!
We have had such an out pouring of wonderful deeds by so many beautiful people, " Thank You "so much everyone!!! We love you all! Hopefully I can get this thing into remission and pay you all back some day!!!! I would love to!!!
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  1. I love these pictures Mom!!! It is so wonderful to see flowers,birds, and everything green. Life is just better this time of year:)

    I'm so happy that your treatments have gone so well and that you have been able to function so well. We pray that it will continue.