Saturday, November 28, 2009

Playing with toys ...(Photoshop)

Well... One of the funnest inventions of these magical times is "playing with pictures" Who would have ever thought that this would be possible ? "Photo-shop" is just such a great toy!! If I am not careful, I could spend hours playing with this !! And because the imagination is ENDLESS so is this toy! And it is not too hard... My 7 year old can do all of this stuff.... Of course , the boys know way more than me anyway... Pam's birthday was recently and because we didn't take a millionth of the pictures we do now or we wish we had of our childhood, I decided we could concoct some up and that could be just as fun!!! Hence ..anything is possible... ( This is exactly why I don't believe any of the "forwards" I receive with amazing pictures in them!) Who could ever be bored in this new world of ours????
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