Friday, August 21, 2009

Don't let summer end!!

This summer has been great fun , but I just don't want it to end! Every single day has been so busy and especially with the wedding time has gone by way too fast. It seems as though when I was a child the long summer days could go on forever, and we could soak every minute out of it and lay in the hot summer sun forever! Right Pam? We had a great childhood, perfect really. Lakes , and camping, and drive-in movies, and just simply sleeping under the stars. Everything was so simple then. I really am pretty sure that time goes by at the speed of lightening now. I just want it to stop right now so we can relish every minute with the children. They really need to stop growing up. Where is Never Land when you need it?

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Beautiful Wedding

This one I took while they were dancing at their wedding
Jessica and Aaron photographed by The Color Blue Photography
Jess and Aaron "flying away" Photographed by The Color Blue Photography
Beautiful Jessica Photographed by The Color Blue Photography
Well the wedding is over, it was beautiful and is locked in our memories forever. Our little girl is married, and all grown up. Aaron is a sweetheart and we are happy to welcome him into our family. Jessica looked like the princess from a lovely fairytale , and we hope they live happily ever after!
The wedding was all done in beautiful bright colors , with Chinese lanterns hanging from the trees and streams of brightly colored ribbons. The cake was beautiful , and held together wonderfully even in the extremely hot temperatures ! A little company entitled "A piece a cake" was the artist and baker of that lovely piece of art.
Jessica and Aaron wanted to include everyone so there were several in the wedding party , including 5 little tiny boys and 6 little girls . We're grateful that the weather was beautiful...(always a worry when having an outdoor wedding). Their ceremony was beautiful, with a very sweet bishop who knew them both very well.
Thank you Curtis and Elise for all of your hard work , and the use of your lovely garden home!

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