Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sundance film Festival 2009!

Liz and Chelsie being the stars they are.....
So evidently Chelsie was spotted as "Katy Perry" 6 times up is getting to be a regular occurance for her lately!

Can I even name the stars the girls got pictures with? I don't think so!!!!! Patton Oswalt or "spence" from King of Queens... Mark Harmon, from Freaky Friday and NCIS....Demi Moore, They met Ashton Kutcher, Gaby Hoffmann from Now and Then, and Sleepless in Seattle...Wesley Snipes, Tom arnold, Frankie______, Paris Hilton, Jack Nicholson, Alan Cumming,Daniel Franzese, and somebody fron E.R..... well every year they have a list like this! So they never miss Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah. The backdrop of the town and the mountains are truly BREATHTAKING !

My silly girls....plotting their next paparazzi photo!!!!

Ewan McGregor with Chelsie and Candace, they are big fans of his!I think it's great when the actors take the time for their fans...

This huge doggy was following every one around and was evidently needing a star photo as well . So Natasha took a photo with him.

Natasha and Candace in one of the transport busses in Park city.

Just posing..................

Ashley Judd with Chelsie and her friend Liz. She was way nice to them and talked with them.

Well, i love his song too! this is the guy that sings"Hey there Delilah" Tom Higgenson from The Plain white T's

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pictures in winter

I get anxious for flowers and sunny weather....I'm pretty sure I can get the S.A.D.(seasonal affected disorder) pretty easily any time the sun goes behind the clouds let alone in winter!!!!!!!! But there is always beauty around when you seek it...right?I love to watch the birds and the sunsets.... I have a great window for viewing the sunsets, and well... they are usually pretty spectacular! My bird watching is usually from the help of my ZOOM camera... it may be a little poor quality when viewing a bird from a window to my backyard tree ...but it helps..........
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Elijah was tagged

Swimming is the best!!!
Levi and Elijah are best buds!

Elijah and his two nieces Maddie and Abby, and his nephew Malachi! He has 6 other nieces and nephews!

My three sons! Elijah and his brothers Isaac and Levi

Lego building is a favorite thing for Elijah!

Especially with Dad!

Elijah was tagged quite a while ago.....before the accidental deleting of my blogs...
Elijah is a wonderful child (of course) He is beautiful and great fun! Here are 5 unique things about him...
1.He is the last of eight children!Not many kids can say that these days!!! He has a brother who is 23 years older than him...quite a span there!
2.Elijah was practically born with a crayon in his hand...literally ! He would choose drawing over absoloutely anything else ...not unlike his oldest brother! Elijah definately has a gift.
3. He has 9 little children that call him uncle Elijah! 3 of them that are his own age!!!!!
4. He is quite a little fishy , and stays under the water more than above it when he is swimming.
5.He is quite a little actor almost to the extreme.... When he decides to be a monkey for instance it could last for days........just ask his siblings.......
Elijah is so lovable , and being the youngest of so many he really can do no wrong?????
He would like to tag; Abby A., Greyson E., Lucy S., Malachi D., and Madeline Y.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our sweet little grandson!!

We are so happy that little Abe was born!! What a blessing from above!! Mom and baby are doing fine after an eventful delivery! What a way to ring in the new year!!!!!!
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Wonderful Wintery White

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