Friday, April 2, 2010

Or is it CHOCOLATE ?

Well, I had my 1st treatment on Friday...Mar.26. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous ..... One hears so many horrible stories that have to do with chemo..... Does it hurt? Am I going to throw up the whole time? Chemicals that are pumped into your body like "Red devil" can never be too good right?? Marshall came and sat with me, and everyone equipped me with all sorts of expressions of nice.... Anything from a neck pillow, mp3 player, reading material, cute socks, the list could go on and on ....everyone has been so kind. And of course.......CHOCOLATE....(which, I will have to say I hung on tight to) You know... the song I grew up with was "Just a spoonful of sugar....helps the medicine go down...." So I knew that would take away any pain .....Right?.... I was also pretty nervous because just 2 days before I had surgery to insert into my chest "The Port" ( Which of course my boys decided would turn me into an alien,........... or pod person for sure! Anyway that was still feeling like I was in one of those old cowboy and Indian movies ...and they yanked the arrow out...LEAVING the arrow head of course! But to make a long story longer.... I was there from 9:30 until 5:00 , and didn't throw up once! Of course I felt a little LOOPY but anyone can handle that right? I took all of the medicine like a good girl should.... and I have really been blessed to feel quite well! Starting the next day , I began my 10 days of shots to boost my now "zilch" immune system......(Hmmmmm...I wonder if I can get the Swine flu again?) So see... I can do this thing!!!
Now just patiently awaiting.......the hairloss...
WELL....... and This is pure EYE CANDY..... this also helps!
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  1. You go girl!!!!! All types of love and energy are being sent your way from here in Cali!! I will see you this summer.

  2. O mom I love you! well your the stongest person I know! AND Im sending all my strength to you..